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07 Jul Sleepy?

Are you getting enough sleep? There are many effects associated with a lack of sleep, which also can impact on your physical health.

It is believed that one out of three suffer from poor sleep, this can often be blamed on modern stressful life styles. Increased financial pressures, work pressures, use of social media devices emitting “blue light” are amongst some of the common factors.

Regular poor sleep can shorten your life expectancy as well as putting you at risk from serious medical conditions. A solid night’s sleep is fundamentally important for a healthy lifestyle.

Most people believe they need around eight hours of good quality sleep. Some individuals will require more and some will require less sleep. Determining the amount of sleep you need is fundamental!
There are a variety of factors that may be attributable to poor sleep. These can include health conditions; however a large proportion can be associated to bad sleeping habits.

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