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Fancy becoming More? Increase your fitness and wellness at our dedicated CrossFit Gym in Whitley Bay.


FREE FIRST introductory session at CrossFit More – click the link on the Timetable and Membership page to claim your session.


At CrossFit More we emphasise the importance of fundamental CrossFit movements. The significance of technical movements, skills or techniques is essential to achieving your true potential.


Broken down CrossFit is comprises a mixture of metabolic conditioning, gymnastic style movements, along with weightlifting and throwing.


CrossFit More offers different pathways to start your CrossFit Journey. These cover CrossFit’s Nine Foundational Movements and other requisite skills which are necessary for starting CrossFit.

On-Ramp Classes

These are often held over a weekend, comprising classes of a minimum of 3 hours each day.

Fundamental Classes

The fundamental classes are a shorter format class of one hour.

Private Classes

Private classes can be conducted, which can include both individual or small group classes.