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BLUE Light

11 Jul BLUE Light

As mentioned in an earlier article “Sleepy” the exposure to blue light may make people lose valuable sleep.

Blue light is emitted by smart phones, lap tops, tablets, computers and a plethora of other electronic devices. Darkness is the natural prompt to let people know that it is time for sleep; however exposure to bright screens for hours is disrupting the natural pattern.

Research indicates that blue light effectively tells the brain that it is not time to sleep. It is believed that there is nothing wrong with blue light for most of the day, however that you do not want it around 90 minutes before going to bed.

There are obvious demographic groups at greater exposure to blue light than others. Decreasing exposure to blue light can be via filters, glasses, light bulbs and various software packages. Alternatively not exposing yourself to those blue light emitting devices 90 minutes before going to bed may be simpler solution.

Sleep is vitally important to the body so maximising your sleep so that you can enjoy the benefits associated with a healthy life style would seem obvious.

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